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  • The total of SIL is 30,000.
  • Minted in a near-linear fashion in approximately 6 months.
  • All tokens are minted, no pre-allocation

Token Pie

  • The Community will share 68% of the total minted tokens from liquidity mining.
  • The Governance Treasury will share 15% of the total minted tokens from liquidity Governance Treasury will be protected by Voting Contract, Multi- Sign Contract and TimeLock Contract
  • The developing team will share 17% of SIL from liquidity mining when user withdraw funds, and the developing team will share no other profits

The developing team will use the token to cover:

  • Payroll
  • Regular on-chain operations (price feed, SIL repurchase and return to the mining pool)
  • Future product development and operating expenses

Token Distribution & Vesting

Token Distribution

Token Circulation Schedule

Token Circulation Schedule