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Referral Program


Guidelines to earn by introducing friends

  1. Get a referral link. Go and connect your wallet to get the link. Programs_1
  2. Invite your Friends. Copy the code or share the code to Twitter, Telegram with the share button. Programs_2
  3. Earn Crypto and Claim. Acquire passive referral rewards in SIL tokens from your friends’ earnings. Programs_3
  4. Check your referral list. You could browse details about all your referrals in one place. Programs_4


Your referral rewards will be visible and ready for claim(withdrawal) from your Referral Account after your invited friends have claimed(withdrawn) their earnings. One could usually get a 5% rebate from your friends' earnings.

NOTE: The Referral Program is currently enabled on the Volatility Farms only.

  1. Let’s say you invited a friend, and he/she earned 5 SILs total in any of the Volatility Farms.
  2. As a result, you will get 5% from he/she’s 5 SILs, which accounts for 0.25 SIL.
  3. The 0.25 SIL will be sent to your Referral Account after he/she has claimed the rewards.