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The core features of SIL is the Yield Mode, where users rangeed from entry-level to advanced all can easily participate. This mode is based on AMM protocol(UNIv2) and SIL’s LP composition and SIL's auto-compound and and SIL's IL Mitigation all at the same time. It doesn't require users to have pre-judgements of the market or sort, just deposit and earn.

The benefit of using SIL’s Yield Mode instead of controlling positions manually, is that:

  • SIL’s Yield Mode is quite stable, and mitigating IL at the same time
  • You only need to deposit single-sided tokens without worrying counter-party assets

At the moment, SIL’s Yield Mode has been launched on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and OkexChain. Each chain supports different trading pairs on different swaps.

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