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Team & Advisers

The SIL team is composed by a group of enthusiastic developers, financial professionals and community managers, in the form as an anonymous DAO.

What's the background of the bootstrap team members?​

  • Ora, he is an early adopter in the crypto space since 2013, and is a well-known community leader, a.k.a KOL, he has good relationships with many awesome and well-known exchanges.
  • Vincent is a serial entrepreneur that mostly focuses on fundamental technology, ex 2nd Tier co-founder and ex Ethereum dev.
  • Mr.Da is an operational pro guy, ex okex, helping various projects up to their tracks.
  • Alex is the manager of global MKT.
  • Esther is a day trader & market ops/analysis

What's the background of the Advisers?​

Our advisors are Kaimin and Alvin from Paxful, a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered at the U.S.

We also have a number of individual and corporate advisers who provide valuable insights and recommendations to us in terms of Community Governance, Contract Security, Product Design/User Experience, as well as Market Value Management.