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Governance Overview

  • The Governance Treasury will share 15% of the total minted tokens from liquidity.
  • The Governance Treasury will be oversaw by the Voting System.
  • Treasury will be protected by Voting Contract, Multi- Sign Contract and TimeLock Contract.

Token Utilities

  • 🟡 Governance: the only governance token of SIL Finance Platform.
  • 🟡 Buyback: 20% of the mining rewards pan-SIL will be used to buyback the $SIL tokens from marketing. When 30,000 $SIL were all minted out, the brought backed $SIL will be injected into the master contract and mining won't be stopped.
  • 🟡 Unique NFTs: SIL token can be used to buy NFT to boost your mining efficiency.
  • 🟡 Staking bonus: Stake SIL to SilBar to enjoy the SIL bonus.

SIL’s Governance Suite

We are happy to announce that SIL’s governance suite, DAO forum and Voting System(Snapshot) is online.

The purpose of the DAO forum:

  • A place for civilized discussion about SIL product and roadmaps
  • A place to discuss SIL Improvement Proposals (SIPs)
  • A place to discuss SIL Listing Proposals(SLPs)
  • A place to discuss SIL Augmented NFT(SAFN)

The purpose of the Voting system:

  • It’s based on Snapshot which is a IPFS based decentralized voting system
  • The SIPs(mandatory) / SLP(optional) will go through voting system for final consensus
  • The voting system requires SILians to have minimal SIL holding in order to be eligible to vote