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Governance Overview

  • The Governance Treasury will share 15% of the total minted tokens from liquidity.
  • The Governance Treasury will be oversaw by the Voting System.
  • Treasury will be protected by Voting Contract, Multi- Sign Contract and TimeLock Contract.

Token Utilities#

  • 🟡 Governance: the only governance token of SIL Finance Platform.
  • 🟡 Buyback: 20% of the mining rewards pan-SIL will be used to buyback the $SIL tokens from marketing. When 30,000 $SIL were all minted out, the brought backed $SIL will be injected into the master contract and mining won't be stopped.
  • 🟡 Unique NFTs: SIL token can be used to buy NFT to boost your mining efficiency.
  • 🟡 Staking bonus: Stake SIL to SilBar to enjoy the SIL bonus.

SIL’s Governance Suite#

We are happy to announce that SIL’s governance suite, DAO forum and Voting System(Snapshot) is online.

The purpose of the DAO forum:

  • A place for civilized discussion about SIL product and roadmaps
  • A place to discuss SIL Improvement Proposals (SIPs)
  • A place to discuss SIL Listing Proposals(SLPs)
  • A place to discuss SIL Augmented NFT(SAFN)

The purpose of the Voting system:

  • It’s based on Snapshot which is a IPFS based decentralized voting system
  • The SIPs(mandatory) / SLP(optional) will go through voting system for final consensus
  • The voting system requires SILians to have minimal SIL holding in order to be eligible to vote